Sunday, 24 February 2013


Welcome to our Blog 5/6A!

Can't wait to start using this and communicating with you!


  1. Dear Mrs Cotter,
    Hi it is good to be back and using Blogs as I did last year with Miss Spink. We had alot of fun blogging last year and I hope we are going do that same this year also. Our blog is a good place to know what we are doing this month or this term or this year.For example, I came to this school at the end of last year but I knew what projects the school did last year.

    By Jatin

  2. Dear Ms Cotter,
    What I predict will happen in "The Boy In The Dress" is that Dennis will get asked out again by Mack, and he denies his offer again (well Lisa denied for him before) and he will meet his double, who looks exactly like him and some people see him (classmates) and his double ("Dennis girl form")and try to see who is an imposter and she doesn't speak english, But Lisa comes to the recue and say that Dennis' double is his twin sister Elise (or some random name).

    From Daniel


    Dear Mrs Cotter,

    What I predict will happen next in conspiracy 365, is that Oriana and Sligo won't become a very dangerous duo (spoiler), Winter will be sprung and Sligo will imprison her in a unidentified location, Cal will start looking for her and be trapped, Oriana will be arrested for some reason by Boges and Cal, because they'll think that she has Winter, but doesn't, the reason I think this is that Oriana is most likely not to team up with a major threat and enemy like Sligo, because it will be disasterous.

    Sincerely, Daniel

  4. Hi Mrs Cotter,
    The book holes I think is a good book so far and think Stanley Yelnats is going to make Camp Green Lake in to a proper camp so kids can have fun.But when they dig they find something awesome.

  5. Dear Mrs Cotter,
    Im reading about Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules,I predict that the next couple of pages is going to be about that Rodricks parents find out that Greg and Rodrick have a party while the parents were on a holiday because dad found out that thedoor was changed


  6. Dear Mrs Cotter

    I read harry by the sea the story was about the dog there at the beach lots of people have umbrellas the dog and people sitting under the umbrella.

    From Adison